Lewben, which belongs to international group of companies Lewben Group, is changing its brand name. From now on, the company will provide its services under the name Lewben Wealth. The legal name of the company remains the same.

“Our rapidly growing group demands a more precise and consistent name map,” said Vilius Kavaliauskas, the chairman of the board of Lewben Group.

“Not only must brand names be recognisable, but they should also reflect the industry in which the company operates. This change aims to state clearly that the wealth management services of Lewben Group are provided by Lewben Wealth.”

According to Mr Kavaliauskas, “Lewben Family Offices, established in 2009, outgrew the family office services long ago, to become a group providing financial and business services. Lewben Art Foundation was established in 2012. The company acquired the accounting services company Nordgain in 2013, and the business consultancy company Strategy Labs in 2014. Lewben Group was established the same year. Last year, the Bank of Lithuania issued a permit to the group’s fund management company Lewben Investment Management.

These acquisitions have enabled the group to expand the selection of services it offers: Lewben Group has become the premium provider of financial services. With the formation of the group of companies, the wealth management services portfolio remains with Lewben.

“Our experience in family office services has helped us to understand our clients and to base our cooperation on trust. This is highly valuable experience, which we will rely on as we provide all the services of Lewben Group,” said Mr Kavaliauskas.

Lewben Wealth is a global company providing asset management services to wealthy people. The company’s service portfolio includes professional solutions for wealth and asset management, private banking, family office, business, finance, tax, law and structuring. At present, the company has offices in Amsterdam (Netherlands), New York (USA), Nicosia (Cyprus), London (UK), Manila (Philippines) and Vilnius (Lithuania).

For more information about Lewben Wealth: https://lewben.com