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Working at Management Consulting

People are the most important thing we have at Management Consulting. That’s why we pay significant attention to selecting, engaging as well as professionally and personally growing our team members.

Working at Management Consulting you will be engaged in challenging projects across many different functional areas and industries. Using analytical, systematic and creative approach, working with your team you will help companies to solve their toughest challenges. Formal and informal trainings together with coaching and support from senior colleagues will help you maximize your potential.

Join Management Consulting if you
  • Want to work with top managers and shareholders to help drive their business value
  • Want to help our clients develop and implement strategies, solve operational issues and drive organizational change
  • Want to be part of a great team of people who really want to make a difference to their clients and to each other
  • Think you are smart, result-driven, and have a strong business sense
  • Have outstanding academic results.

Working at Management Consulting can offer:

Interesting and diverse experience. Management Consulting offers exciting opportunities to get engaged in challenging projects across many different industries and functional areas.

Work that makes a difference. You will have a high degree of responsibilities and work alongside some key decision makers in the region to solve their toughest challenges and make a positive impact. You will help clients shape company strategy

Personal and professional development. High-profile client exposure, real-world business experience working on relevant management issues, formal and informal trainings, working with experienced colleagues and supportive work culture will set-up you for future success and a steep career path. Learn more about growth opportunities here

Being among smart people like you. Friendly, supportive, fun and non-hierarchical working environment with smart people like you.

Questions answered

Some of the questions we have already answered:

  • What marketing strategy will win back market share of a declining pharmaceutical brand?
  • How to grow sales of an industrial goods manufacturer after a sharp decline of military budget in the U.S.?
  • What fast-food proposition is the most appealing for Belarusian consumers?
  • How much investment is required to turn-around a media business in Romania?
  • What synergies can be captured by acquiring a digital business in Norway?
Activities you‘ll typically perform 
  • Interview clients, their customers, and industry experts
  • Collect and analyse data
  • Conduct quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Generate new ideas and hypotheses
  • Discuss findings with the team and formulate insights, conclusions
  • Translate insights into actions
  • Work closely with clients to implement solutions

Growing with Management Consulting

At Management Consulting we pay significant attention to growing our team members professionally and personally.

Management Consulting provides formal and informal trainings in order to boost your skills to be a successful management consultant. You work with experienced seniors in a supportive culture that is focused on helping you to succeed and realize your full potential. Working with client executives and managers on relevant management issues drives you to grow faster personally and professionally.

What you will learn

You will continuously learn the best practices used in top-tier management consulting companies, such as:

  • How to structure your thinking and analyse information
  • How to generate and test hypotheses and formulate insights
  • How to efficiently find the best solution
  • How to assess the financial impact of your recommendations
  • How to translate insights into actions
  • How to work with you client to achieve sustainable improvement and value creation
  • How to effectively communicate and work in the team

At Management Consulting we aim develop a structured training proposition for our people in addition to their on-the-job learning. Individualized programs ensure that professional development of our people is a continuous process.

Consulting skills trainings. On a regular basis our Business Analysts and Consultants participate in training sessions that cover key competencies and skills that are critical in becoming a successful management consultant – problem solving & analytics, client relations, written & oral communication and others.

Functional topic training. Each month we organize internal functional topic training sessions aiming to increase know-how in certain industries or functional practices. Most common examples of functional topic trainings include teams presenting their work or colleagues sharing the latest business thinking from top sources.

Professional qualifications. As a part of our formal training proposition, we provide our people an opportunity to enroll in the CFA Program – a globally recognized benchmark course in finance & investment fields. In addition to that, our consultants take up a curated curriculum of Coursera programmes on business, economics, and finance, as well as other topics that they are interested in.

Leadership training. Project managers at Management Consulting are provided an opportunity to enroll into Executive Education courses in leading international business schools (e.g. London Business School). It provides top-tier primary leadership training that supports transition from individual contributor to a leader that is able to drive teams and deliver top-level consulting services for our clients.

Coaching and Mentorship

We understand how critical continuous growth and professional development is – that is why we employ an all-round approach to help you get the best out of your time here.

Career advisor coaching. You will be assigned a career advisor, a Partner or a Project Manager, who will advise you on your strengths and areas you need to develop, support you in defining your personal development plan and offer broader career advice.

Learning from your peers. Our boutique environment creates superior conditions for continuous improvement. While working closely with extraordinarily talented as well as supportive consultants at Management Consulting, you will be able to learn their best practices that will spur your growth as a professional.

Providing feedback. You will be provided constructive feedback on your performance by your manager and advised on how you can improve further.

Case interview preparation

About case interview

During the case interview you will solve a case study which is an example of the real challenges that our clients face. Cases are usually based on real Management Consulting projects and your interviewer's experience. Solving these real-life business problems will allow you to get a taste of the work we do every day and challenges we help our clients to overcome. Typically, your interviewer will present you a business situation and a challenge the client is facing. You will need to go through several steps such as understanding the situation and key question to answer, breaking down the problem into parts, solving them and making a final recommendation. Case studies typically do not have right or wrong answers. Instead, we are interested to evaluate your analytical and creative thinking, problem structuring approach, business sense and communication skills.

Tips or a case interview

Case study interview is the most challenging part of the recruitment process and we strongly encourage you to prepare for it in advance. There are lots of valuable information, tips and sample case studies online. Practice before the interview is very important to succeed.

To help you get started we provide some tips for the case interview:

Listen. Carefully listen to the interviewer and take notes. Clarify objectives of the case and focus on answering the question you were asked.

Understand the situation. Focus on understanding the problem and don’t be afraid to ask clarifying questions. Your interviewer may provide you some additional data and hints along the way, so be prepared to take notes. However, do not go too much to details that are not relevant to answer the question.

Structure the problem. Take a few moments to collect your thoughts, think through the problem and establish a relevant framework to reach a solution. It is okay to ask interviewers for a minute to think.

Do not force fit frameworks. Do not stick to standard frameworks you have learned at school as they are not likely to be the best fit for this specific situation.

Think out loud. Tell the interviewer what you are thinking, explain your plan for solving the problem. Interviewers want to understand your logic and way of thinking, not to get a “correct answer”, which does not exist. Clear communication of your approach and tactics is a very important aspect of a case study. Explaining your approach early will let interviewer to know if you are on the right track so they could guide you if necessary.

Pay attention to the clues. If you get stuck, pay attention to the clues – your interviewer is trying to coach you.

Once you double-checked your work, be confident! Sometimes interviewers will ask you if you are “sure”. It is not always because you made a mistake.

Demonstrate your communication skills. Show your confidence, energy and interest, and demonstrate how you might interact with future clients and colleagues.

Common sense is the king. If you need to make an assumption, attempt to be both logical and simple.

Expect calculations. Be prepared that at some point, the interviewer will ask you to make some simple calculations.

Make insightful observations: go beyond just “doing the math”. Do not rush through math, double check your math and assumptions. Do they make sense from the business point of view? Understanding implications of numbers is crucial.

Relax. Be yourself and enjoy the case discussion!

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