“Lewben” Compliance services team provides tailor-made AML/CTF trainings, encompassing not only legal requirements but also Your clientele and daily operational challenges Your employees face within organisation.
We cover a number of topics including relevant case studies:

• Effective internal governance and control, management and compliance functions and their cooperation;
• Know Your Customer – customer identification & onboarding, ongoing monitoring and effective risk management, emphasising enhanced due diligence measures and specific cases;
• Effective risk assessment and implementation of measures mitigating the risks within organisation;
• Establishment of necessary steps for ongoing due diligence and their effective implementation;
• Establishment of transaction and business monitoring process within organisation and its effective implementation in practice;
• Internal investigations, proactive communication with Clients and high quality reporting to the Financial Crime Investigation Service;
• General AML/CTF trainings for all employees & management of the organization or trainings tailored for specialists of a particular function (KYC, transaction monitoring etc.), etc.

Please contact Vitalij Stankevič, “Lewben” Compliance Services Manager, [email protected] and Arūnė Gabrielė Giraitytė, “Lewben” Compliance Consultant, [email protected] or send Your requests via e-mail [email protected].