Ramunė Vilija Zabulienė, adviser to the Minister of Culture and art collector, and Rolandas Valiūnas, the managing partner of the law firm “Valiunas Ellex”, patron of the arts and collector have been appointed to the Management Board of the Lewben Art Foundation.

In addition, the law firm “Valiunas Ellex” became one of the sponsors of the Lewben Art Foundation. “Valiunas Ellex” is a member of “Ellex”, a circle of leading Baltic law firms, is the largest specialised legal team in Lithuania, with a solid portfolio of cross-border experience both in international projects and landmark local deals in the region, since its formation in 1992.

n 2015 the Lewben Art Foundation together with its partner the law firm “Valiunas Ellex” has published an art album “Litvak Art in Private Lithuanian Collections” – the first comprehensive overview of Litvak art.

We look forward to successful cooperation in the future!