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Regional Director

Jelena Abramova

Jelena has 15 years of experience in the trade (retail, wholesale), logistics and manufacturing industries, including 11 years at holdings companies. She has risen from the level of legal specialist to that of senior management at an international holding company with 13 business units in different jurisdictions. Jelena possesses managerial and organizational skills; she is quick in decision-making even in complex and non-standard situations. Her areas of particular practical expertise include legal and commercial issues as well as logistics, customs, taxation, accounting, finance, migration, and others.

Practice Areas

Strategic and Tactical Management, Business Analysis and Development, Risk Management, Conflict Management, Negotiations, Commercial and Corporate Law


Russian, English, Lithuanian, Belarusian


Lewben, Regional Director (since 2020)
Ipsun Group, Deputy Director and Lawyer (2014-2020)
Belzagotresursy, Deputy Director for Legal Issues (2011-2014)
Skarbnik Ltd, Deputy Director for Legal Issues (2010)
Belvideocentr, Chief Legal Officer (2009-2011)
DORORS Corp., Deputy Manager of Legal Department, Legal Consultant (Category 1), Legal Consultant (2005-2010)


Faculty of Law, Belarusian State University, 2005

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