Our identity

To mark our 10-year anniversary in 2019, we resolved to renew our visual identity and logo. Our new identity was designed in cooperation with the team of experts from Godspeed Branding. We believe it better matches our expanded group of companies ambition to embody innovation, sophistication and character.
Tomas Ramanauskas Creative Director at Godspeed Branding Studio and co-founder:

As we were looking for a visual identity for this ambitious undertaking, Lewben’s focus on fresh perspectives inspired us and guided us to uncover unexpected aspects.

Lewben’s long-term constructive activities – its art patronage, collection and education – became our point of reference. What can better reveal a new, inspiring, and surprising vision of the world than art? The company’s art collections became a source of discovery: in these famous works of art we clearly observed the pronounced and distinctive elements that became their new reality. Together with our creative partners we transformed those elements into 3D graphics and designed several absolutely unique compositions. This metaphorizes the thought that insight is strong enough to interpret a straightforward situation in a more sophisticated and unexpected manner.

This identity was enhanced with a renewed logo and a dominant modern letter type in the classical style, alongside the introduction of a fresh colour palette.

Now, with unlimited new opportunities ahead, Lewben business consulting and solutions will continue to bring success to their clients.
Artworks - the beginnings for discoveries Our new identity draws inspiration from the art collection of the Lewben Art Foundation. Elements from the artworks evolved into unique compositions that present the new identity.