UAB Nordgain, the fastest-growing Lithuanian financial outsourcing company, is expanding its operations to foreign countries and opening an office in the United Kingdom: subsidiary company Nordgain UK Limited was registered in London in October of this year. According to Nordgain CEO Agnė Jasinskaitė, this decision was obvious and the time was ripe.

“We are kind of a service centre providing financial services for companies of various sizes for many years both in Lithuania and abroad. We have realized, however, that to successfully compete in the international arena we have to be recognized as a company operating in Western countries”, said Jasinskaitė, who will also be in charge of Nordgain UK Limited.

According to her, in the European Union and American markets Lithuania is still perceived as an Eastern European country, which does not help in competition. “We decided to open an office in one of the largest financial centres in the world, i.e. London. We already have some business experience here, since the Lewben Group to which we belong also have their offices in this city”, claimed Jasinskaitė.

Clients from both Lithuanian and British companies will be served this year by the specialists from the Lithuanian office, and next year the London office will be staffed with local professionals. It’s possible, though, that staff from the Lithuanian office will be employed in the London office.

“We will use the business advantages of both countries. Staff movement between Vilnius and London offices will provide better career opportunities. Moreover, staff exchange will bring more variety into daily work, help develop professional competencies, and improve the motivation of staff”, affirmed Agnė Jasinskaitė.

In Lithuania, Nordgain offers accounting, payroll, personnel management, and financial management services to leaders. The key service presently offered by the company to the international market is Statutory Accounts, i.e. accounting based on local or international accounting standards. This service is exported to the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Estonia, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, Cyprus, and other jurisdictions.

Last year Nordgain’s service export constituted 27% of the total company sales, while this year’s indicators for the first six months register 29% service export. “Our company plans active expansion to foreign countries; therefore, we will continue investing into organisation and staff qualifications that contribute to the company’s flexibility and professionalism”, explained Nordgain’s CEO.

About Nordgain

UAB Nordgain has been providing accounting and financial management services for Lithuanian and foreign markets for over 8 years. Since 2013 the company has been operating as a Lewben Group company. The headquarters of the company are based in Vilnius, and in London (UK) the company has its subsidiary, Nordgain UK Limited. The Lithuanian office has 32 employees.


Key Nordgain services: a consistent financial accounting cycle, full suite of payroll and HR administration services, and a broad range of management support solutions. Nordgain exports almost one-third of all company services. In the international market Nordgain offers a Statutory Accounts service, i.e. accounting based on local or international accounting standards.


For more information, contact:

Agnė Jasinskaitė

CEO of UAB Nordgain

+370 616 55051

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