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The daily pursuit of fresh perspectives for business growth.

New opportunities present themselves as we widen our horizons. This is how we roll here in Amsterdam.
We offer a wide range of business management solutions that are tailored to fit our client’s every need. We believe in delivering the best solutions for every client and will be on hand to implement and manage every step of the process.

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Our services for the formation and management of entities in the Netherlands are fast and tailored to your needs.

Dutch entities may be used for straightforward business or for alternative investments funds and/or private wealth purposes. Each type has specific legal, tax and accounting features. Which is preferable will depend on your specific situation.  

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Planning to explore business opportunities in new markets?

The Netherlands is an outstanding location from which to serve markets in Europe and the rest of the world. It is a stable, open economy with low inflation and strong labour force participation, with high-quality services and infrastructure for information technologies and telecommunications.

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Numerous international clients, large and small, rely on us for a full range of administration services of their companies and funds.

Outsourcing the administration functions of your company & fund to us allows you to focus on doing what you do best and growing your business.

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In today’s increasingly regulated environment, managing and administrating a company brings a lot of challenges.

Our experienced team of professionals is ready to make sure your legal entity is always in good legal standing and fully compliant with the requirements set by international and local legislation.

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By fully or partially outsourcing your company’s administrative functions to us, you gain access to our pool of resources, engagement experience and a broad network of professionals and business partners.

 With nearly 100 professionals in Lewben Group specializing in a broad range of practice areas, we are ready to provide the expertise and services tailored to your specific needs.

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Regulatory compliance and reporting is becoming a key feature for many companies.

We can “lend” you the expertise of our trained client due diligence professionals whenever and for how long you need them. We have many years of experience managing regulatory and compliance procedures for businesses in a variety of sectors and jurisdictions. Outsourcing selected functions to us can help you achieve a cost-effective balance in the area of compliance and risk.

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Our approach 
We strive for the best client experience delivering integrated business and wealth management solutions as one team of professionals with vibe.  
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Why Netherlands?

We always choose the development strategy that creates the most opportunities for our clients. That is why we have chosen the Netherlands as our base.
With its stable and reliable economy and impartial tax system, the Netherlands is the natural home for business. And don’t just take our word for it - according to the World Economic Forum (WEF), the Netherlands is the most competitive country in the European Union.

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