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#FreshPerspective Discover fresh perspectives

Our key people are graduates of leading international universities with in-house experience. This gives us a fresh view on strategy. And because we are not bound by any conflicts of interest (as global professional service networks are) we always openly share our strategic vision, bold insights and solutions.

#Tailored Tailored solutions

Every situation is unique. Our task is to understand your challenges, or in some cases to leverage our experience in order to identify them. Together we will find the solutions that are most efficient and effective for you.

#WholePicture All-inclusive services

We offer one-stop-shop services in strategic assistance, and the solutions required for the implementation of these strategies. We are equipped with all the necessary tools to help you take the first steps towards these changes.

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Assistance in clarifying strategic opportunities for business growth through a balanced assessment of new products potential, markets or target audiences.

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Marketing and Sales

Consulting through clarification of your needs in key business segments and assistance in preparing for their penetration.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

In search of synergy, we help you see your business development possibilities from outside the framework of your business.

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Restructuring your company's management processes to ensure growing business efficiency and cost reduction.

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Organizational Structure and Management

Balancing out your organisational structure to meet strategic challenges and ensure the development of your company.

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Implementation Support

Assistance in preparing for organisational changes and ensuring their unimpeded implementation.

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Companies are often too busy with their day to day operations to notice obstacles to grow or utilize untapped potential. With experts who have hands-on experience, we are able to look at our client’s businesses from new and often unexpected angles.
Vytautas Staugaitis Management Consulting Services Partner, Strategy Labs CEO

Working with the best

Experts educated internationally and with extensive experience in a range of business sectors

Educations gained at leading international universities and solid experience in implementing over 200 projects as a team are what outstands the management consulting team at Lewben the best. These strengths, together with our firm focus on expanding our own possibilities, help us to find fresh business perspectives.

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Our approach

High quality at a reasonable cost

We understand that the journey to reaching your targets must be realistic and achievable. That is why we critically evaluate the necessity of all actions and maintain maximum flexibility in re-assessing progress as circumstances change. We take this approach because clients value our pragmatism in achieving the objectives set.

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