The „Lewben“ community is our employees, their families, customers, partners, who are united by common goals, interests, hobbies. At the end of last year, we congratulated our community members with holidays and wanted to give them the impulse to seek more experiences and discoveries – we invited them to experience, see and learn more by visiting art centers and museums during this new year 2023.

Our many years of constructive activity in art patronage, collecting and education inspired this gift. What, if not art, reveals a new, inspiring, surprising world?!

„Lewben“ sponsorship and patronage projects come from our hearts, personal interests, challenges and experiences. In a few years the „Lewben Art Foundation“ within our group, has become a phenomenon inseparable from the culture of our country.

At the end of 2023, „Lewben Art Foundation“ will open a modern multi-functional art center dedicated to presenting and educating contemporary Lithuanian and foreign art. Therefore, encouraged by the patronage initiative, together with other art institutions and cultural partners – the Lithuanian Art Center „Tartle“, the MO Museum and Kazys Varnelis House-Museum – we decided to invite our future guests to these art spaces during the upcoming year – we are sure that our gift will open the doors to new art places, or maybe it will encourage to visit art objects that have already been seen before. We believe that in this way, together with the entire „Lewben“ community, we will contribute to the spread of art and culture.