The primary purpose in renewing the website of Lewben | Wealth was to show the differences between Lewben | Wealth and Lewben Group. It was accomplished by the implementation of a new and modern design that fits the philosophy of Lewben| Wealth and gives its users a pleasant browsing experience. For the design of the website a natural blue colour palette and various geometrical shapes were chosen. To achieve a perfect combination of the content and the design for the website was the main task, due to the fact that it enables the reader to concentrate on what is important and not to be disturbed by redundant details. Therefore, particular attention was paid for a convenient arrangement of information, which is now easily accessible and displayed on the basis of intuitive user behaviour. The design of the website is fully responsive. It signifies that the website will provide the whole content and a pleasant browsing experience for the users of any device, whether it is a smartphone, a tablet or a desktop computer.