Nordgain team

Dear Customers, Colleagues, Partners,

This year is special for Nordgain – we are celebrating our 10th birthday. During the first year there were only three of us at Nordgain, we started with traditional accounting services. All of you have seen our potential, our strengths, so we were fast to expand our range of services and switch from simple accounting operations to financial management consulting.

The biggest impetus for the company’s growth took place in 2013 when Nordgain joined the international financial services provider Lewben Group. Using new opportunities offered by the groups IT, the company became a true service center, providing quality financial accounting services from Lithuania to entities operating in foreign jurisdictions (UK, Netherlands, Latvia, Estonia, South Africa, Cyprus and other countries).

Today the company has grown to a complex financial management service provider and does not intend to stop. Through its comprehensive business knowledge, innovation, and sophisticated IT solutions, Nordgain provides increasingly intellegent services.The latest portfolio of its services is a fiscal agent service and fund accounting.

Nordgain is one of the fastest growing Lithuanian companies in the field of chartered finance and bookkeeping services. During its ten years Nordgain has become able to provide services both in Lithuania and abroad. The company is currently providing services to companies operating in Europe, Asia and Africa.

At present, the company employs 38 highly qualified specialists with deep professional knowledge and extensive potential of know-how, which allows the company to provide clients with flexibility and efficiency.

However, the most important thing for us are the people. The customers, our employees, and partners. You are the ones who gave us the chance. The chance to be among the leaders, grow our employees, expand our work range, provide you with the highest quality services.

We hope we will continue to work with all of you, and do the best we can in our field of service.