Cover of the book „Litvak Art in Private Lithuanian Collections”

Others comes from the private collections. Anna Avidan, Mikas Feigelovičius, Edmondas Kelmickas, Liuba and Gevork Kremer, Arvydas Maciulevičius, Giedra and Juozas Petraitis, Ramunė and Antanas Zabulis, and Jonas Žiburkus each contributed several pieces of Litvak art from their private collections. Most of the works reproduced in this book are presented to the public here for the first time.

Compiler: Vilma Gradinskaitė
Design: Sigutė Chlebinskaitė
Issued: 2015
Number of pages: 232

„Lewben Group”
„Enercom Capital“
„Strategy Labs“
Lithuanian Council for Culture
Good Will Foundation
„Sicor Biotech / Teva“
„Kenova Group“
Vilius Kavaliauskas and Rita Navalinskaitė
Jonas and Živilė Garbaravičius
Anna Avidan and Evgeni Hiterer
Anna and Aleksandr Černov
Ronen Waisser Landau
Jacobo Sandler