Vilius Kavaliauskas, Chairman of the Board

The Lewben integrated business services group has established Lewben Holdings UAB as a holding company for the group structure based on the principle of partnership on which the final touches are now being put. Lewben has also for the first time published its consolidated group revenue, which in 2018 was 6 million euros.

Lewben Holdings will be the general partner controlling the Lewben Partners limited partnership, while people in the group who demonstrate leadership abilities will become limited partners. Lewben Partners will own the group’s companies: the asset management company Lewben, the companies in Cyprus and the Netherlands, the finance and accounting services provider Nordgain, and the consulting firm Strategy Labs.

Lewben Holdings is controlled by the group’s founders – Vilius and Rita Kavaliauskas and Lewben board member Justinas Klimašauskas.

“We’re taking this step with the very clear goal of finalizing the creation of a transparent structure based on a partnership model and registered in Lithuania. The process was not simple, given the fact that from its very founding Lewben’s growth vector was pointed to foreign markets. It took time for us to realize that demand for business services in the Baltic countries can ensure growth and toughen up the team for bigger challenges. If you want to become world champion, you first of all have to win the regional competition,” said Lewben Holdings CEO Vilius Kavaliauskas.

Last spring Lewben Group decided to step back from expansion in Asia, and last summer it decided to no longer offer fiduciary services and to focus on business expansion in Europe.

At the same time, the decision was made to put in place a partnership model, which is standard in the fields of legal and consulting services. That way team leaders have the opportunity to share in the responsibility and the profit that is earned. Lewben’s first partners will be Nordgain CEO Agnė Jasinskaitė and Gediminas Laucius, the Director of Legal & Tax Services at Lewben.

Agnė Jasinskaitė has been leading the financial management and accounting services firm Nordgain since 2008. She has worked in the field of financial management for 15 years with both Lithuanian and Fortune 500 international clients. Agnė holds a degree in finance from Liberty University in the USA and a master’s in international business and law from Vilnius University Business School.

Agnė Jasinskaitė, Nordgain CEO

Gediminas Laucius joined the Lewben group in 2016. He has been the head of the legal and tax services unit since then. Previously, he worked for many years at one of the Big 4 accounting firms. Gediminas specializes in business, competition, finance and tax law, and oversees the area of successor planning within the Lewben group.

Gediminas Laucius, Head of Tax and Legal Services at Lewben Group

Lewben Group is an integrated business services group whose companies provide their clients with wealth management, legal, business consulting, and financial accounting services. The group has offices in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Nicosia (Cyprus) and Vilnius (Lithuania).