Vilius Kavaliauskas, CEO Lewben Group

It has been five years since the Lewben Group and the Lewben Art Foundation started cooperating with the contemporary art fair ‘ArtVilnius’. This year we will be telling fairy tales. It is not quite right to say that fairy tales are nothing but a hoax. The truth is that fairy tales present reality in a slightly unusual way. As a result, they may be beautiful and cruel, sad and funny, revealing and mocking all at the same time. Fairy tales are stories and stories are us. This year the Lewben Art Foundation presents an exposition of stories told through art by Andrea Crespo, Reza Aramesh and Vadim Fishkin and titled ‘Fairy Tales? Sounds Good’.

Together with the Lewben Group, we improve by keeping our hand on the pulse of contemporary art and by taking part in related discussions, whereas together with major clients of the Lewben Group we wish to be wherever the concentration of major contemporary art events is the biggest. ‘ArtVilnius’ is by far one of the most vibrant contemporary art events in Eastern Europe. Since the establishment of the Lewben Art Foundation back in 2013, we aim at making our collection as public and open to society as possible. The goal is to have greater numbers of non – professionals art lovers attending our exhibitions, because one of our aims is to educate and promote the idea of collecting contemporary art. The contemporary art fair ‘ArtVilnius’, which attracts more and more visitors each year, contributes greatly to the publicity and promotion of expositions prepared by the Lewben Art Foundation. Congratulations to the organisers of the fair!