The Lewben Art Advisory services cover Modern and Contemporary art (from 1900 to current date). A collector can invest in any kind of art (paintings to videos, sculptures, photography, installations, sound pieces, other) and in a wide range of prices.

An important aspect of our Art Advisory services is to reduce the possibility in making a mistake whilst dealing with intrinsically risky investments such as in art. To entrust one’s collection to an Art Advisor means to be able to leverage on competence, skills, expertise and experience of a professional team as well as obtain relevant information without having to invest an excessive amount of time.

Building an art collection should always reflect personality, taste and preferences of a collector. By employing services of an Art Advisor, a collector would avoid wasting time and resources whilst enriching and refining their sensitivity, knowledge and enjoyment of the art world.

The global art market grossed 47,42 billion euro in 2013. In 2014 the art market has been keeping up to these numbers with a strong confidence and high performance in relation to Contemporary Art Masters (especially Italians and South Americans). Auction Houses estimated the global art market in 2014 at around 46 billion euro. We are expecting a little depreciation of artworks in 2015, nonetheless with a stable number of sales, where deals move back from east to the USA and Europe, with high performance of Contemporary Art Masters and emergent artists.

Our services include market analysis and buying opportunities, execution of purchase and sale, continuous advice and guidance, management of artworks, and communication about artworks under possession.

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