Agnė Daukšienė – director of the Fund Hotel

Lewben Group“ – an international provider of business and wealth management solutions established a new service for fund managers. According to Vilius Kavaliauskas, the owner and CEO of Lewben Group, this service will fill the currently existing infrastructure gap, encourage the establishment of investment funds and make Lithuania more attractive to foreign investors.

“We follow the news of investment regulation tendencies in the world, every institution has its own pros and cons. We know the investment terms and conditions of many countries, and think that Lithuania is a good place to establish funds. Also the Bank of Lithuania – the main supervisor of financial market participants – is modern and open for discussions.

Agnė Daukšienė, the director of the newly established service for fund managers, says that “it is one of a kind in Lithuania.”

The uniqueness of this service is its complexity. It includes legal consultation of tax and compliance, assistance in developing new products, accounting, supervision of operations performance, and strategic planning. Because of this, it gained the unique name Fund Hotel.

Agnė Daukšienė believes that after Brexit the service will be really appealing to foreign investors. Lithuania could become a center for fund establishment.