Companies in the Lewben Group of integrated business services providers will operate on a partnership basis

Companies in the Lewben Group of integrated business services providers will operate on a partnership basis. New partners are expected in all the group’s units. The adoption of a partnership model is one more step in the group’s ongoing process of renewal. Last spring Lewben Group resolved to step back from expansion in Asia and give more attention to expanding services for business. In mid-summer it decided to no longer offer fiduciary services and to focus on business expansion in Europe.

Partnership is a standard model for business activities where people’s qualifications are the main instrument of value creation. It gives those team members who generate the biggest value a chance to share in the responsibility and the profits that are earned. In Lithuania, partnership is most popular in the markets for legal and consulting services.

“In growing our services portfolio, we’ve entered the territory where the partnership model is a typical and proven solution, so this transformation is a logical and foreseeable part of the strategy. Lewben Group in recent times has been implementing a process of services portfolio changes, which we’d like to wrap up with a more motivated and single-minded team,” noted Lewben Group Chairman of the Board Vilius Kavaliauskas.

In parallel, he said, work is underway on creating a clearer group structure in order to allocate each division’s functions and responsibilities more precisely and bring more order to brands. Lewben Group intends to complete the process of refining its activities, dispensing with ineffective units and strengthening its team by the middle of this year.

Lewben Group is an integrated business services group whose companies provide their clients with asset, wealth, and fund management services as well as financial planning, legal, tax, business consulting, and accounting services. The group has offices in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Nicosia (Cyprus) and Vilnius (Lithuania).

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