The generic term for units of value within a blockchain environment is token. Tokens are fungible and tradeable assets or decentralised services and run on their own blockchains. According to their respective objective function, they can be divided into different categories (i. e., currency tokens, investment tokens, utility tokens, asset-backed tokens, hybrids etc.).

Tokenisation is the act of converting some kind of asset into a token that can be transferred, stored, or recorded on a blockchain. Tokenisation, in its simplest form, is the process by which the value of an item, such as a painting, is converted into a token that can be transferred and modified through a blockchain system.

Each coin features a “whitepaper” that contains all of its information. A whitepaper uncover two primary parts of a cryptoassets project: the project’s aim and the technology that powers it. It provides historical performance and other token-related statistics.

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