Cryptoassets Solutions

ICO/ STO/ IEO Legal Framework and Advisory Services

Outlining the Project and / or Operations:
— Assistance in choosing & structuring regulatory and tax efficient project / operations (i. e. advisory on structuring financial flows, building organizational, shareholding structure etc.)
— Assistance in choosing the best jurisdictions to implement fundraising activities
— Analysis of tax regime applicable to model tax effective solutions for alternative fundraising
— Modelling employment / GDPR related questions
— Assistance in finding IT, banking & other third party service providers, drafting of outsourcing agreements
— Assurance of project / crypto operations compliance under various regulatory regimes

Development of Token Issuance & Allocation Strategy:
— Legal analysis of the structure and functionality of token, recommendations for reducing legal & compliance risks
— Drafting of White Paper / Owner’s Manual
— Development of an optimal strategy for token allocation
— Guidance on specific rules applicable to tokens under various regimes (US Securities Act, EU MiCA Regulation, etc.)

Support in Implementing Effective Marketing Campaign:
— Revision of marketing material to fully satisfy regulatory requirements (i.e. disclosure obligations, consumer protection etc.)
— Legal review of White Paper / Owner’s Manual
— Legal review of One Pager / Investment or Pitch Deck
— Legal review of presentation for public speaking

Legal support of the Private Sales stage:
— Preparation of an optimal legal scheme for holding private sales and deals
— Preparation of a contract for the sale of tokens for the private sale stage
— Review / assessment of letter of assurances from the investors / clients regarding the origins of funds

Legal support of the Public Sales stage:
— Liaising with cryptocurrency exchanges to accommodate listing of tokens
— Preparation of a contract for the public token sale stage
— Preparation of Terms & Conditions
— Preparation of Privacy & Cookies Policy
— Preparation of Disclaimers for the website
— Preparation of a KID, listing core investment parameters & risks associated

Maintenance of Client & Third Party Relationship:
— Preparation of KYC / AML documents to ensure fluent onboarding & transaction monitoring processes
— Assistance in controlling data flows by setting GDPR compliant internal policies
— Liaising with investors / clients in maintaining long – term relationship (timely reporting, responding to queries etc.)
— Communication with and reporting to supervisory authorities (Central Bank, Financial Crime Investigation Authority etc.)

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