Cryptoassets Solutions

Crypto Business and Operation Related Services

Services for Crypto Exchanges:
— Analysis of the most effective jurisdiction to establish the Crypto Exchange business or certain parts of it
— Guidance on structuring well organized Crypto Exchange project and operations (e.g. organizational modeling, shareholding structure and etc.)
— Tax advisory services & financial flows structuring to maintain tax efficiency
— Legal assistance to obtain License / Authorization for Crypto Exchange operations in a specific jurisdiction
— Assistance in obtaining additional licenses (EMI, PI license) relevant for providing efficient Crypto Exchange services (e.g. depositing and safekeeping of fiat currency etc.)
— Corporate related services (drafting of internal policies, employment agreements, etc.)
— Regulatory guidance through EU regulatory crypto-related regimes: MiCA Regulation, DLT pilot regime, E-money directive, etc.
— Review of Crypto Exchange marketing material to fully satisfy regulatory requirements (i.e. disclosure obligations, consumer protection etc.)
— Revision of Crypto Exchange website / IT solutions to ensure regulatory compliance (Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, etc.)
— Full support in preparation of KYC / AML documents to ensure fluent client onboarding & transaction monitoring processes
— Drafting and revision of commercial agreements (agreements with service providers, non disclosure agreements, etc.)
— Liaising in communicating and timely reporting to supervisory authorities (Central Bank, Tax inspectorate, Financial Crime Investigation Service, etc.)
— Support in launching IEO, reviewing project documents (White paper, Owner’s manual, Investment Deck, etc.)

— Regular ongoing support with AML, GDPR & other Regulatory questions
— Customer complaint handling, dispute resolution and negotiations
— Financial accounting services for crypto operations

Services for other:
— Assistance in choosing the best jurisdictions to implement the project or certain parts of it
— Assistance in choosing & structuring tax efficient project, modeling tax effective solutions
— Intellectual property protection solutions for Crypto Innovators (Patents, Copyright, Trademark and etc. of crypto business ideas)
— Assisting to incorporate blockchain technology, to implement smart contracts for existing businesses and entrepreneurs
— Apps legal development (drawing liability structure, users manuals and etc.)
— Support and guidance to empower regulatory sandbox to test crypto business innovations in live environment
— Consultations for merchants looking to accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method (assurance IT solutions satisfy legal requirements, revision of internal policies, etc.)
— Website and Apps compliance with regulatory requirements (Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and etc.)
— Drafting and revision of commercial agreements (agreements with service providers, non disclosure agreements, etc.)
— Regular ongoing support on day-to-day questions (AML, GDPR, Employment, Regulatory Compliance, etc.)
— Financial accounting services for crypto operations

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