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Our Finance & Banking services are targeted to ensure that any needs of any financial market participant would be satisfied during a whole cycle of its operations, including pre-licensing and post-licensing phases by applying our one-stop-shop approach. Historically, we hold an in-depth understanding of various financial products due to former ownership and direct involvement in the operations of financial market participants. As such, our team is endowed with a remarkable experience in structuring of regular financial market instruments and of innovative market instruments (such as crypto) on a global scale.
Dedicated professionals of our Finance & Banking team holds a proven track record in licensing projects of Fintech companies (EMI, PI, P2P, Crowdfunding, Specialised Bank etc.), authorizing crypto-related activities, collective investment undertakings (investment funds, management companies etc.) as well as provision of tailor-made and non-traditional solutions to attract capital via alternative capital market instruments (i.e. issuance of bonds, IPOs, ICOs, distribution of investment units).

We advise and guide various financial institutions on complex regulatory and AML compliance projects, including assistance in organizing effective internal control measures, implementation of risk assessment & AML audits as well as company-oriented AML / regulatory compliance trainings. We constantly monitor regulatory environment and have close relationship with supervisory authorities, which allows to guarantee our clients’ internal documents are always up-to-date and are tailored in line with a specific needs of each business.

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