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Real Estate

Our real estate team has very broad experience on everything from the registration of ownership to consulting on the implementation of complex real estate acquisition and development projects. We help our clients find ways to carry out not just local but also international transactions.

By having lawyers with solid experience represent you in all types of commercial real estate transactions, you ensure the protection of your best interests. In ambitious real estate development projects, prompt and thorough professional advice on financing is vital. Once the decision is made to go with a development, it is important to pick the right structure for real estate transactions and assess the tax implications.

Work with diverse projects and participation in large-scale international transactions ensure our team’s continual professional development not only in real estate law, but also in terms of know-how in different business environments. To ensure smooth and safe processes, it is advisable to consult with experts on zoning and building design issues and to seek timely professional advice on construction, engineering works and agreements with contractors.

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