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Data Protection

Our team of lawyers has extensive experience in the field of data protection and offers clients solutions based on a commercial mindset and best practices. Highly qualified experts provide all the personal data protection services needed to ensure proper management of risks, data protection, regulatory compliance, and smooth business operations at your company.

Thorough knowledge of Lithuanian and European Union legislation regulating the legal protection of personal data is critical when preparing personal data processing documentation, conducting data protection audits, ensuring technical and legal supervision of data protection, and providing any other personal data protection services.

The specialists on our team continuously enhance their skills by studying best practices and commercially successful solutions. Our lawyers’ experience working with businesses in a wide range of sectors and in-depth analysis of the purposes of data processing will enable us to propose optimal solutions for collecting, storing and otherwise processing relevant personal data.

Highly qualified data protection professionals are ready to help you at the stage of personal data processing that is currently most relevant to your company. Our services range from advice on the implementation of specific data protection measures to detailed and comprehensive data protection audits and ongoing monitoring of data processing.

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