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Business Law

Our Business Law team of professionals with extensive experience and vast knowledge provides the highest quality legal services for businesses. We daily assist our clients with Corporate Law and Employment law issues by incorporating companies, reorganization, drafting of the contracts, corporate documents, employment agreements, as well as providing with the complex strategic decisions on structuring of the companies, shifting of the business. The international element of Lewben and network of partners provides us the flexibility we need to solve legal issues for our clients in various jurisdictions.
As businesses often face more specific legal issues our team supports our clients with the legal advice in various other fields of law, such as Data Protection, EU, Competition Law and State Aid, Real Estate, Mergers and Acquisitions.

Members of our team also provide the significant expertise in the regulatory affairs of the emerging IT and Communications Law field.
What sets our legal services apart in the legal services market is that our experts through the years have gained experience and can offer highest quality legal services in unique fields of law, such as Arms Regulation and Sports Law.

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