The services of the Lewben Group international financial group of companies were evaluated by the influential capital and financial markets magazine Euromoney. In the Private Banking and Wealth Management Survey 2017, carried out by the publication, Lewben Group was recognised as the best family office services provider in Lithuania.

The wealth management services offered by the financial services group are provided by Lewben Wealth. “In providing family office services, we build up a very good understanding and knowledge of our clients, and our collaboration is based on confidence,” said Vilius Kavaliauskas, the Chairman of the Board of Lewben Group. According to him, the company attempts to use this valuable experience in providing services to all the companies in the group.

“Recognition of our services is due exclusively to the professional merits of our team. The competition is growing in Lithuania, but the rapid development of our business and our experience in international markets allow us to move faster, without losing our close connection with our clients,” said Kavaliauskas.

The award from the Euromoney capital and financial markets international publication, which is read in more than 100 countries around the world, is considered to be one of the most prestigious awards in the financial sector.

Every year, the editorial board of Euromoney magazine conducts market research to evaluate indicators such as customer growth, services offered, customer feedback, assets under management, and security of personal data. The survey methodology of the magazine is based on peer review of a certain number of companies in the sector, whereby companies are evaluated by their direct competitors. Companies and their subsidiaries cannot evaluate themselves. The Private Banking and Wealth Management 2017 survey was conducted in August-October last year. Nearly three thousand companies participated in the electronic survey.