Finance & Accounting

Accounting and Tax Compliance for Regulated Entities

We offer professional financial accounting services to licensed companies, FinTech companies, electronic money institutions, investment funds and collective investment undertakings (CIU) operating both in Lithuania and internationally. We hold great expertise in the legal framework governing the activities of funds and financial institutions.

Where appropriate, our specialists carry out accounting beyond the level of the collective undertaking, offering complete accounting of your companies. Together with other services offered by Lewben Group, we will create the opportunity to focus on the core of your business – investment management.

Advantages of Lewben for licensed company accounting

We possess professional experience in the incorporation process of licensed companies and subsequent management of their functions, and, thus, can offer all required services to our client from drafting a business plan and forecasts for the Bank of Lithuania, preparing documents for prevention of money laundering, consulting and mediation in the acquisition of the license until full control of financial accounting and submission of statements to the Bank of Lithuania.

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