Finance & Accounting

Accounting and Tax Compliance Services

We offer all accounting, tax and business administration services to your company irrespective of its size. We handle accounting in over 20 countries worldwide and can offer one-stop-shop services to groups of companies operating in different countries.

We are a large international enterprise and, as your business is growing, we can form a dedicated team to work exclusively on your business needs. Our company also offers worker leasing services, which enable our employees to provide accounting services at the workplace of your choice.

The Lewben finance and accounting team holds extensive experience in optimization of accounting processes. We can perform internal tax and accounting checks, efficiency assessment of integrated processes and their conformity to legal requirements.

Advantages of Lewben accounting services

Our large professional team can ensure any adjustments in offering employees of respective qualification. Our junior consultants can tackle your simple yet time-consuming tasks. Are you in the process of changing your accounting policy or subject to a complex audit? Then our Senior Accountant or Financial Manager is at your service. Lewben will facilitate a specialist of appropriate qualification for any function. We often see companies with fluctuating volumes of business; therefore, we will adjust our pricing accordingly. Our clients pay for the work performed in the respective period. Whenever necessary, accounting services can be carried out by intermittently working at your office or by outsourcing an employee for full-time employment at your company. Lewben is a team of professionals in tune with one another that ensures uninterrupted accounting services to our clients’ businesses. If the appointed specialist is on a sick or holiday leave, we guarantee immediate replacement. The company is covered with professional insurance; therefore, we assume full liability for the quality of services provided. Lewben offers its employees regular qualification improvement training, keeping them up to date with the newest trends, which they then apply in practice.

Lewben is the second-largest member of Leading Edge Alliance (LEA), an international association of independent accounting firms, and holds memberships in other associations – AmCham, BCCL, SCCL, as well as global wage platforms. This vast network of partners facilitates the possibility to offer partnership solutions in any part of the world. We use tailor-made IT systems and accounting software. We participate in ERP implementation and help optimize accounting processes. In attempts to ensure greater efficiency of accounting solutions, we offer innovative digitalized personnel management and document management solutions.

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