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Compliance Academy

Our Academy was established to help raise a new generation of Compliance specialists. Once they are trained, we assist them in organising their work, ensuring they receive the most up-to-date knowledge in their respective fields, as well as best industry practices. This involves covering such aspects as money laundering and terrorist financing, data protection, fair competition and other legal matters.

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Succession Academy

This is the place where we share our experience on the management and transfer of family businesses and assets. We provide an overview of the world's best practices, formulate individual tasks and design business transfer models. More than that, we use this process to identify legal and management solutions that will allow us to flag and monitor any risks that may arise in the process.

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Business Academy

The purpose of the Academy is to share our extensive knowledge and insights, as well as our straight-to-the-point practical advice on starting a business, managing its development risks, optimising it activities, and planning a successful exit.

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At Wealth 360, we have opened a new space for sharing family and business management experience

Asset management conference held once a year since 2017. Its aim is to bring business owners together in an exceptional event where the strongest guest speakers in the field review the world’s best practices.

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From now on we are Noewe [no:ve]

Our “Noewe” website is underway,
in the meantime, meet the “Noewe” — a new player enters the professional service market in Lithuania