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Lewben is a provider of integrated business services.

The group's companies provide their clients with financial planning, legal, tax, business consulting, and accounting services, as well as wealth management services. The group has offices in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda (Lithuania), Nicosia (Cyprus) and Amsterdam (the Netherlands).
Our prime aim is to build responsible partnerships with our clients, colleagues and communities that stimulate growth and prosperity.

Our story

Lewben’s story dates back to 2009. Under the trademark of a family firm we gathered together a team of driven, ambitious and insightful professionals to provide integrated financial, wealth and business management services to high-income individuals and families. Consequently in 2012 for the first time we were recognized as the Best Family Offices Services Provider in Lithuania. This rating was given by Euromoney, the international capital and financial markets magazine. In 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018, Lewben was chosen as the Best Family Offices Services Provider in Lithuania, and in 2019, Euromoney recognized our company as the Best Service Provider for International Clients in Lithuania. In addition to this assessment, Lewben ranked second in two other categories: Serving Business Owners and Philanthropic Advice.

As our portfolio of clients grew, so did the complexity of their needs. And to respond to this, we widened the scope of our consulting and professional services by acquiring the financial services centre Nordgain in 2013. This was then complemented by the acquisition of the business consulting company Strategy Labs at the end of 2014. And as our business developed, we found that our clients required a greater scope of services. We began focusing on the wider picture, exploring management efficiency and development solutions that crossed Lithuanian borders. So, it naturally made sense to expand our services geographically. Since 2010, the company has been operating in Cyprus (Nicosia), and from 2014, in the Netherlands (Amsterdam).

The next step in our journey was our expansion into risk management. In 2017, we began providing a new portfolio of services that included regulatory risk, compliance and money laundering and terrorist financing prevention services.

This increased operational scope brought with it a greater desire to consolidate and streamline processes throughout the group. As a result, we began to focus on the Agile organisation management principles and to provide a more resilient framework, the decision was made to operate under a single trademark. Today, the Lewben brand is represented by a 100 strong team of dedicated professionals working on projects across 28 countries to provide consulting services to large International and local corporates and asset rich families.

Fresh perspective

As a team we are driven by a common denominator. Whatever their field of expertise, our professionals always start from the same question: what opportunities remain unexplored? So, whether we are dealing with wealth management, or strategic or daily operations, we always begin by looking for ways to open new horizons. Growth and value are the coordinates that we set our service by.

All our insights are driven by our ability to listen and our desire to tailor solutions down to the smallest detail. And to improve our efficiency, we create our own tools and employ the best technologies available on the market because we realise that it is the synergy of competences, know-how and technologies that make us unrivalled in the market.

But we are not only the sum total of our multi-disciplinary, tailored solutions and tools. Personality is a huge part of our professional identity. We are vibrant, creative and open in our communication, internal culture and actions. Our plans are ambitious, our actions are motivated, and we celebrate our victories.

We are different. We are the champions of new business horizons. We are Lewben – a synonym for #FreshPerspective.

Our identity

To mark our 10-year anniversary in 2019, we resolved to renew our visual identity and logo. Our new identity was designed in cooperation with the team of experts from Godspeed Branding. We believe it better matches our expanded group of companies ambition to embody innovation, sophistication and character.

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Chairman of the Board, CEO Rita Kavaliauskienė [email protected] Read more
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Board Member, Corporate Governance Services Director Justinas Klimašauskas [email protected] Read more
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Non Executive Board Member Virginijus Lepeška Read more
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Finance & Accounting Services Partner, Nordgain CEO Agnė Jasinskaitė [email protected] Read more
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Managing Partner, Legal & Tax Services Gediminas Laucius [email protected] Read more
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Management Consulting Services Partner, Strategy Labs CEO Vytautas Staugaitis [email protected] Read more
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Chief People & Culture Officer Rūta Starkienė [email protected] Read more
Our offices

Lithuania is our largest base. It’s here we create the innovations that are later shared with other divisions.


We go where our clients go. That is why we have set up operations in Cyprus, where we now offer a wide range of business administration services.


As we widen our horizons, new opportunities present themselves. This is how we roll here in the Netherlands.

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